Wall Planners give a whole year exposure to your company and augment brand awareness. They contain company name and contact details, which remain in sight of various businesses throughout the year.

Artwork Guide

We required a simple and easy to provide artwork guide. You can upload your print ready artwork/material after placing your order. Allow 3mm bleed for all sides, a CMYK PDF which includes all of the fonts outlined, a resolution of 300dpi.

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Customised Wall Planners are the perfect corporate gift because of having the business name and contact details on it. The year round visibility makes planners the best advertising source.

Opt from the size ranging A4 up to A1, 130gsm or 170gsm paper weights with a laminated or silk finish. Moreover, you can get the artwork sample by downloading it. If you want to send them folded to your end user, kindly view our Folded Wall Planners Page.

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125, 250, 500, 1000, 2000, 2500, 5000, 7500, 10000, 12500, 15000, 20000

Artwork Service

Design – £72.00, File Assist – £18.00, File Check – £3.00, File Check with Proofing – £7.8, Just Print – Free


Gloss Coated Paper, Gloss coated removable paper, Gloss White Polypropylene, Standard White Paper, Static cling transparent film, Transparent Polypropylene, Uncoated Paper, 900µ Magnetic Sheeting, 260gsm Mesh, 325gsm Mesh, 100gsm Art Paper Gloss Finish, 4mm Corrugated Plastic, 100gsm Art Paper Silk Finish, 90gsm Art Paper Gloss Finish, 90gsm Art Paper Silk Finish, 90gsm Recycled Uncoated, 100gsm Uncoated, 115gsm Art Paper Gloss Finish, 115gsm Art Paper Silk Finish, 150gsm Art Paper Gloss Finish, 120gsm Uncoated, 150gsm Art Paper Silk Finish, 440gsm PVC, 510gsm PVC, 120gsm Blueback, 135gsm Gloss, 200gsm Gloss, 210gsm Gloss, 300gsm Pearl, 3mm Di-Bond, 5mm Foamex, 3mm Foamex, 10mm Foamex, Metallic Silver Polypropylene, Matt Sticker, White Vinyl Sticker, Premium Textured Paper, 200gsm Silk, Monomeric Gloss Vinyl, Monomeric Matt Vinyl, One Way Vision Vinyl, Transparent Vinyl, Transparent Vinyl + Mirror Print, Transparent Window Sticker + White, Transparent Window Sticker + White + Mirror Print, 2 Part NCR, 3 Part NCR, 4 Part NCR, 400gsm Art Board Silk Finish, 325g Uncoated, 90gsm White Self Seal, 100gsm White Self Seal, 500mic Transparent PVC, 500mic White PVC, 862gsm Triplex Silk Black Core, 862gsm Triplex Silk Blue Core, 920gsm Triplex Uncoated Black Core, 920gsm Triplex Uncoated Blue Core, 350gsm Pearl, 350gsm Brown Kraft, 325gsm Uncoated, 350gsm Art Board Silk Finish, 100gsm Premium Smooth White Paper, 120gsm Premium Smooth White Paper, 170gsm Art Paper Gloss Finish, 170gsm Art Paper Silk Finish, 400gsm Art Board Silk Finish *Free upgrade to 450gsm when you choose matt lamination*, 130gsm Art Paper Gloss Finish, 450gsm Art Board Silk Finish, 130gsm Art Paper Silk Finish, 300gsm Art Board Coated


2.6m high (including pole), 3.2m high (including pole), 4.9m high (including pole), 4m high (including pole), 396mm x 210mm, 444mm x 210mm, 630mm x 297mm, 100 x 100mm, DL, 800 x 2000mm, 850 x 2000mm, 1000 x 2000mm, 1200 x 2000mm, 1500 x 2000mm, A6 Portrait, DL Portrait, SRA1 Full Sheet, 10ft x 3ft, 2m x 1m, 3m x 1m, 4ft x 2ft, 6ft x 3ft, 8ft x 3ft, 8ft x 4ft, A0, 2.1m high (including pole), 2.8m high (including pole), 3.5m high (including pole), 4.6m high (including pole), Base Only (no flag), 20" x 30", 30" x 40", 500mm x 700mm, 700mm x 1000mm, A1, 25mm x 51mm, 37mm Circle, 45mm Square, 51mm Circle, 51mm Square, 62mm x 33mm, 63mm x 88mm, 64mm Circle, 75mm x 110mm, 76mm x 51mm, 88mm Circle, 94mm x 140mm, 96mm x 45mm, 96mm x 68mm, A2, 300 x 300mm, 500 x 1000mm, 1000 x 1000mm, Custom, DL (220mm x 110mm), C5 (229mm x 162mm), C4 (324mm x 229mm), A3 Landscape, A3 Portrait, A4 Landscape, A4 Portrait, A5 Landscape, Interlocking Forme 28, A5 Portrait, Interlocking Forme 27, Interlocking Forme 26, Interlocking Forme 25, Interlocking Forme 8, Interlocking Forme 18, Interlocking Forme 14, Interlocking Forme 10, Glue Forme 24, Glue Forme 23, Glue Forme 22, Glue Forme 21, Glue Forme 20, Glue Forme 19, Glue Forme 7, Glue Forme 5, Glue Forme 3, Glue Forme 16, Glue Forme 14, Glue Forme 13, Glue Forme 10, Glue Forme 1, A6, A7, A5, A3, 210mm Square, 148mm Square, 105mm Square, 1/3 A4 (DL), A4


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